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Application Template
« on: April 07, 2016, 01:46:05 PM »
All applicants should post their completed application form here within Applications.
Your application should contain all information as detailed below. Copy and paste is your friend :)

1. Main Character's Name:
2. Main Character's Class:
3. Main Character's Level & AA's:
4. Would you like to join as a Raider or Casual:
5. Do you have any raid experience, please detail and include previous guilds and classes:
6. Are all your Spells/CA's Expert Level as a minimum:
7. Have you raided on the class you are applying on before, or give information of experience on this class:
8. Have you read the guild/dkp/loot/attendance rules including 3 week trial information?:
9. Do you think you can maintain an 75% or higher attendance (if applying as a raider):
10. Why would you like to join us:
11. Do you have any alts - particularly high level or available to raid?:
12: Do you know anyone in the guild:
13: What is your real life age:
14: Tell us a little about yourself. i.e, male, female, where do you come from, interests.. :
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