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Raid, DKP & Loot Rules
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Guild Leadership and Officers

•   The Guild Leaders and officers will work together to ensure that proper guild policies are fair and just for all raiders.
•   It is the role of the guild officers to evaluate raiders and recruits and give honest feedback of their performance.
•   The raid leader has final say on all raid targets, set up and strategies.

Raiding Schedule

•   We raid Sundays and Thursdays at  (7:30 -10:00 UK time)
•   You should be fully repaired, have all necessary items, and be online at Sinking Sands dock on your main raid toon at 7:15 PM , or you may be considered late to the raid.
•   If you are not at the raid by the designated start time you will not receive DKP for the first raid call.
•   Alhough the end time for raids is 10:00 GMT,  the guild may conclude the night of raiding earlier or later then this designated time (staying late is not mandatory)

Raid Rules

•   Maintain a 75% attendance or better.(This is equivalent to missing 3 raids per 30 days - max)
•   Open up your profile for through options so your armour, spells/CA's and AA sets are available to view.
•   Have non-replaceable spells, heals and combat arts  expert or better - don't show up to raids with Apprentice or Adept spells (unless expert is not available) checks will be made
•   Have current level gear, master-crafted or better with close to or equivalent recommended target stats - ask for help if you aren't sure i.e. DPS/Crit Chance / Haste / Cast Speed /Ability Mod
•   Be able to follow instructions
•   Able to listen to Discord Voice (Mic not required)
•   Install and have open ACT (Advanced Combat Tracker) so we can share timers for specific fights.

DKP Rules

•   1 DKP point is awarded for every hour of raiding.
•   1 DKP point will be awarded for being ready 15 minutes prior to raid time.
•   1 DKP point will be awarded for completing the full raid.
•   3 DKP is awarded for raid named 'first kill' as a bonus.
•   Any raider on sit-out will earn full DKP as long as they are ready to be brought into the raid at any time.
•   Sitouts - you may go AFK as long as we have a method to contact you, such as Discord - please arrange with raid leader or officer at time of sit-out
•   DKP Decay will apply at -3dkp per missed raid due to long term absence and will apply after first 2 weeks or 4 missed raids when you have agreed to return to raiding.

Looting Rules

•   Main Raider   ------>   Recruit ------> Raid Alt

•   The Main Tank (MT) will be assigned specific items or for example armour Patterns in the best interest of the raid - will be charged at 3 x minimum (currently 15)
•   When an item drops, an Officer will link it in Raid channel. It will also be announced in guild channel for those who are sitting out from raid and wish to bid.
•   We use a closed bidding system. If you want to bid on an item, you will send the Loot Officer your bid in a private tell.
•   The highest bidder will win the item at a cost of +1 DKP to the second highest bid.
•   If you are the only bidder on an item, you will automatically get it for the minimum required DKP.
•   If two raiders bid the same amount on an item, then both can bid again a higher amount. If no agreement, the item will go to the raider with the highest attendance.
•   Legendary Items = minimum 3 DKP
•   Fabled Items = minimum 5 DKP
•   Any non DKP Items will have 1 Plat min bid to be paid into Guild Bank 4 or passed to Loot Officer.
•   Masters = Non DKP - will be handed out to the classes that need it. If two raiders need the same master then a random 1 100 used. Leftovers go for sale to Guild Bank.
•   Every new raider will start off with 15 DKP  before their first raid.
•   You may go into negative DKP and win an item if you are the only bidder to a maximum of -10 DKP (DKP total is used at the time of bid)


•   Every new raider will join at the rank of 'Raider Recruit'
•   Every recruit will go through a 3 week trial period
•   The first 2 weeks, we will observe you and help along the way
•   The third  1. you pass, 2. don't pass, 3. have your trial extended 1 week
•   At the end of the third week, one of the officers will speak with you or promote you.
•   If you received an extension , then one of the officers will speak with you and explain the reasons and the areas you need to work on.


•   Should we have more than 24 raiders, "sit-outs" will occur on rotation for around 30-40 mins.
•   You will still earn DKP and should remain contactable on Discord or in-game.  Park your raid toon outside the zone we are raiding so you can zone in when needed quickly.
•   You can bid for items that drop on raid, assuming  you are parked at the door of the zone.
•   The raid leader will chose those who will sit on rotation based on raid setup
•   You can offer to sit if you are busy in Real life or don't mind or wish to participate in later segment of raid. This can only be accommodated if your class isn't needed on that particular part of raid. i.e. if we are           short on healers, we would prefer to sit a DPS.
•   Please be aware that sit-outs are necessary at times, but can be uncomfortable for an Officer having to choose to sit someone who is keen to raid or made time to show up.  We realise this and it isn't personal.
•   Please take sit-outs with a good attitude or offer to sit if you can.


•   If a raider falls below the 75% attendance threshold (over 30 days), they will be demoted to 'Part-Time Raider' this means they will be first choice for sit-outs & will be able to bid after Main Raider Rank.                   This is reviewed every 30 days.

Raid Etiquette

•   An AFK break will usually be called during the raid, If you need to go AFK, then please let the raid leader or an officer know and put up your flag. However try to minimise these as you may be holding up 23        other people.
•   Do not zone into an instance, raid zone or click on an unknown object without the raider leader’s permission, as this may cause delays or lockouts for the whole raid.
•   Please keep Discord chat clear and chatter free during ‘Named’ pulls.
•   Ninja AFKs on Raid shouldn't happen, it is simple to post /AFK in raid should you need a quick AFK
•   If you know a different strat or have any suggestions for a mob, please feel free to inform the raid leader, but not during a pull. Please wait till an AFK or raid wipe, and please do so in private tells.
•   Rage quitting during a raid will not be tolerated, and will carry a DKP fine or demotion to Member (determined) by the officers.

Unannounced Absences

•   We understand that real life comes before a game, and unexpected circumstance can arise which may cause you to miss raids. We ask if it happens, and you 
     plan on being absent for an extended period of time, to inform the raid leader.

•   Failure to notify about extended absences over a protracted period will lead to demotion back to member for any raider at the officer’s discretion.
    Please keep in mind, your unannounced absence affects the whole raid force.

•   DKP Fines for Un-announced AFK (-5 DKP) If you don't post AFK or show for raid.  This is to encourage commitment to raiding and at least communication so we can plan for sitouts.

•   Any 'Main Raider' who goes AWOL for 10 days without any posts on Forum will be demoted back to Casual member with recruit period applied again IF returning to raiding.

Raid Alts

•   If you have a raid ready alt, and you think it can be of help to the raid. Please inform the Raid Leader or an Officer.
•   The officers will determine whether to approve a raid alt or not.
•   If asked to play a raid alt during a raid, you will earn full DKP and be able to bid for your main character
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