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Guild Rules & Minimum Requirements
« on: April 07, 2016, 01:37:31 PM »
Raider minimum requirements

Any applicant who is aspiring to take a permanent raid spot with our raid force should meet the following minimum requirements:

•   Be able to attain a minimum attendance of 75% for those days rostered to raid, based on a 30-day average. The guild aims to be equitable in accommodating a reasonable amount of
    vacation time for extended breaks, but outside of this it is generally expected that raiders will attend predictably. If attendance falls below 75% over 30 days then the raider will be demoted to 'Raider Recruit' status.
•   Be minimum lvl 60/0 AAs
•   Have all spells or combat arts that are not upgraded and frequently used in at least Expert quality; preferably in Master quality for crucial spells, heals or combat arts.
•   Once max level is achieved you must have all armour, jewellery and gear of current tier, preferably master-crafted or better but more importantly with correct stats i.e dps/haste/potency / cast speed/crit etc.
•   Have completed or are working towards the access quests required for the current raid zones.
•   Be able to use Teamspeak and listen at all times during raids. Download link here ----->
•   Be able to fairly comprehensively understand the English language both in written and spoken form.
•   Able and willing to work to improve your character on non-raid days.
•   Be a minimum of 18 years of age.

Non-raider minimum requirements

Any applicant looking to join the guild only for grouping, social or questing reasons, perhaps with the occasional desire to join our casual and alt raids should meet the following minimum requirements:

•   Be a minimum of 18 years of age. Note that this requirement may be considered to be skipped for family members of current full members. Such a decision will be made by the guild officers.
•   Be a minimum level of 60
•   Be drama free. We are a close knit guild and will not allow any turbulence within the guild.

Guild Etiquette

•   NO DRAMA at all in guild chat!
•   You are expected to treat your fellow guild mates with respect at all times. Flaming and abuse will not be tolerated. If there is an issue that you feel needs resolving contact an officer.
•   No racial or religious related jokes in guild chat
•   Members should not post on public  forums or websites as a representative voice of the guild. Officers will make such posts including recruitment, guild updates/changes and raid progression.
•   Our members are representatives of the guild to the outside world and we expect people to act in such a way that the guild will be looked on in a good light.
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